Impossible Quiz 3 – Are You Brainy or Brainless?

Impossible Quiz 3 is another sequel of very well-known flash game – The Impossible quiz.This game isn’t stereotypical quiz. If you were looking for new favorite questions-based game, you found it! This game has a wit, it offers many very entertaining and funny question and quests. I believe that creators, Notdoppler, did a pretty god job. Game design is simple yet cool, which goes perfectly with game’s spirit. It is followed by amusing, silly sounds after correct or wrong answer.


About Impossible Quiz 3

This is one of those games that were maid to become epic. After Notdoppler launched first version of the game it became very popular. It has all characteristics that good game should have, it’s challenging, entertaining, funny and it demands good playing skills, in this case – brains.

Question types

There are various types of questions: funny ones, trick questions, cultural, riddles, smart etc. Give this game a shot and you will easily fall in love with it. I believe that questions’ main purpose is to entertain players. You will always get response to your answers. Game will make fun of you, commend you, surprise you. Goal is to keep you engaged by numerous sounds and illustrations.

How to play?

You enter the game by pressing “Begin” button. Once you do that, game’s menu will be displayed with few buttons such as “Go Go Go!”, “Credits”, “Instructions” and buttons that will link you to other Impossible Quizzes or creator’s page. Click “Go Go Go!” for start and once you do that it’s pretty easy to play. You choose your answer by clicking on it. Sometimes you will have to use keyboard to answer some questions or quests. Just follow the instructions and have fun.

funny picture

I would definitely recommend this game. I guarantee you never came across anything like Impossible Quiz 3. You certainly can gain a lot by playing this quiz. It will give you different and unique perspective which will encourage you to grow new pair of eyes for world around you.

It is Funny, its Gory, its Zombies!

It is Funny, its Gory, its Zombies!Introduction

With the entire city destroyed by brain-eating blood-thirsty zombies, they have now turned on your trailer park. Huge mistake! You have to fight back with bitter survivalists, Shovels and a makeshift of angry farmers. It’s funny, it’s gory!

Game Overview

ZTP Game is an amazing defend your base game. The main aim of the game is for you to defend and preserve your trailer park as you dismantle the zombie base. You have to assemble angry farmers and other units to help you defend the park against the disrespectful animals.

Instructions of the ZTP Game

As mentioned earlier, a gamer’s mission in this game is to control a mob of shotgun toting, angry shovel-wielding crazy men, from your park to fight against the never-ending horde of the undead from the already ruined city. Train fighting units and manage your economy well so that you defend the trailer park successfully.

The game is designed in a fairly defense setup, with money being earned over time and units being bought to fight the opposition blindly until you have pushed them back or destroyed their base. Killing the zombies earns you ‘Yeehaw’. These are points that can be converted to activate extra ordinary abilities that help clinch the win or fight back a strong assault.

The game has only 4 stages for you to complete, with each one of them increasing the challenges while unlocking special abilities to help gamers out. It will not take pros of the genre very long to finish the game, but players can play against each other for the fastest times to complete.

Controls of ZTP Game Game

You only need your mouse to completely control the ZTP Game. Utilize the mouse to navigate the game Menu and interact with game elements. You can also buy upgrades and soldiers with the mouse.


-Relatively unique setting (Instead of knights, it has rednecks).

-Easy to complete and learn.

-Players can compete online for fastest times.


-There is only one stage with repetitive game play; but difficulty does increase.

Have Fun!

Useful walkthrough cheats for PC game Super Smash Flash 2

Useful walkthrough cheats for PC game Super Smash Flash 2SSF 2 is a brawling computer game developed by Cleod9 Productions, it has several unique gaming modes such as Classic, All-Star, Adventure, Target, Multi-Man Melee and Standard Melee. All these modules, except for All-Star can be unlocked from the very start. Each individual character’s health is measured based on the damage percent ratio, with this value increasing each time a character is attacked thus making him weaker and prone to a total finish.

Crono Blade Attack 

You can attempt this powerful cheat by using character Crono. Scroll down to Peach’s Castle, and then further to green pipe. Once you’ve reached there, hit down button and press on ‘P’. This would make Crono stretch out his sword endlessly. And if an antagonist touches on you, he shall get approximately 550% damage inflicted upon him before flying-up and perishing.

ssf2 funny momentEasy Win 

If your goal is beating 100 Man, then all that’s required is jumping up the topmost platform so that they won’t be able to catch up with you. For the All-Star Mode, it’s also possible to skip certain level fights till you’re left with just a single battle. Then hit ‘Backspace’ bar and pick another game-mode which is more suitable for you. By doing so, you’ll attain the best All-Star rating with just 3 hearts. Skipping one more level can also get you directly to the main fighting arena.

Defeating Master Hand 

When you’re up against the character Master Hand, when he’s just about to launch a hit, press pause and he shall run right through you without incurring any damage. This simple trick can also help Find Super Smash Flash 2 characters and unlock them.

Apart from the tricks mentioned above, other random cheats of SSF2 you can try to unlock characters are ‘Blue’ for clearing the Adventure Mode with Blade when playing on Normal difficulty setting, and ‘Cloud’ which can help you complete the 100-man Melee using any character.

The Return Man mud bowl Flash Game is Back-Get a new immersive experience!

The Return Man mud bowl Flash Game is Back-Get a new immersive experience!So you’re ready to have fun like you’ve never had before? The Return Man mud bowl is back, and is even better than the initial game. Here’s the game description, controls, game levels, and crucial tips that are specially designed for new players who yearn to progress in the game.

Game description
This is a favorite game for both adults and kids. It’s about a football player who’s obliged with catching the ball and running past the defenders to reach the finish line. Apparently, this game has a very appealing game play that makes it a perfect flash game choice for both adults and kids.
Additionally, there is a collection of levels that make the game more interesting and popular.
As a player, you can unlock a set of exceptional moves during the game. However, this depends on your score that you accomplish by striking the A button. If you manage to reach the finish line with the ball, you’re instantly declared a winner.

Game levels
we’ve about 15 stages in the game, and each specific stage has a distinctive number of levels that you should finish so you can unlock the next level. As each stage progression gets tougher, the level advancement gets tougher as well.

As a player, your player controls are somewhat unusual compared with various other flash games. Rather than utilizing the common S, A, W, and D in controlling the characters to the directions you prefer, this game involves the utilization of L, K, J, and the I buttons. To add to that, you can also use the M button to mute your game’s sound effects and the space-bar to carry on with the game.
Once you’ve finished certain levels in the game, you’ll be required to start unlocking special moves to help your football star finish future levels and stages.

• A – Spin
• S – Speed Burst
• D – Front Flip

swamp footballMy tips and instructions for novices
1. During the game, you’ll see certain objects that seem like a star or a lightning bolt. Collect these items as much as you can, they’ll enhance your overall game. The stars you collect will add you extra points while lightning bolts collected will provide a momentary speed boost to help you reach the final score.
2. When playing on slippery snow fields and you wish to stop running, you must account for the sliding. You must set the stopping time properly so that you’ll stop inside the yellow circle.
3. Do not be shy to utilize special move you unlock. Special moves help you escape a tight jam and save you from being attacked.
4. Know the precise number of times you fail in a given level. Each time you’re attacked, you actually lose one possession and if you fail four possessions you’ll finally lose the entire game. Consequently, you’ll be required to begin that same level again. Play Wideout Return Man at

Fancy Pants game

Fancy Pants gameFancy Pants is an exciting as well as modern online video game with awesome graphics along with a fantastic design, it has an exceptional Stickman with super slick pants. Your responsibility is to assist this man throughout a dangerous side scrolling game world. Avoid bad guys, get vault and squiggles over ravines just like you try to survive until the end of each level. It runs at an awesome velocity, can run up to the walls and perform fancy jumps and back flips. There are several secret entries and special bonus stages in this challenging adventure.

How To Play:
You can easily control him using the keyboard. Move him using left and right keys, and press s to jump. To open some doors, press the up arrow. Using down arrow you can perform duck. If you want to do back-flip, then hit s and simultaneously press the key which is opposite to him. For example: – if you are moving forward and want to do back flips just press s and then press left arrow key to perform it. In order to have super speed run hold down left right arrow keys. He can jump over the wall as well as he can also run up to the curved walls.
Try to check your health bar which is actually available at the corner of the game screen. As soon as he gets hit by one or more bad guy, health bar decreases. Try to have squiggles to replete his health. You can lose his life if he will fall down a ravine. You can also check his remaining life which is actually located at the corner of the screen. As you will play more and more, level will increase and you will have more secret doors as well as extra lives. If you want to take rest for some time you can easily pause the game.

Quick review of Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels is a remarkable racing flash video game established by Jim Bonacci. If you have never ever played this video game prior to I will certainly tell you why millions of people play it day by day. Happy wheels is a racing video game with aspects of blood and physical violence, for example you character can break leg, arm, head or even pass away during the race, as there are a lot of barriers in each level.

Quick review of Happy WheelsYou can even play the levels developed by other users or share your level with others, however just at the official internet site of the game. Right here we have only Demo variation of the game, but unlike the demonstrations of other video games, this is a fascinating and really huge variation. More than 7 characters are offered in it + up to 15 different levels, so I am sure you will invest terrific time playing even the demo variation of Happy Wheels.

Happy Wheels is a video game for all. Hope you will certainly likewise spend outstanding time playing this violent,physics-based bloody video game at our web site.

If you have actually never ever played this game prior to I will inform you why millions of individuals play it day by day. You can even play the levels created by other users or share your level with others, but just at the main web site of the game. Here we have only Demo version of the game, but unlike the demos of other games, this is a interesting and actually big version.